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It's been a while, how are you all?

Right, so basically, I moved back up to uni again in September which meant I had a fair amount of free time for a while since I wasn't going to be working anymore! And I wouldn't be quite so tired all the time from working long hours and long weeks.


When we got here we found out that we didn't have any internet sorted out (because our landlord is a complete arsehole and didn't help us out with anything at all). So as soon as all 7 of us had moved into the house we went about searching for internet deals and eventually settled on one company. So we tried to get in touch with them and they kept putting us on hold for hours. And since we're students we really can't afford massive phone bills from being put on hold. So we had to go in and speak to someone and they told us we'd need a bank account... So then we had to go set up a bank account when we could all be there (WHICH IS A NIGHTMARE, because we all do different courses so our lectures are at different times!). Anyway, we finally managed to set the bank up and the internet sorting-out process began. So all of this took about a month. Then the company kept putting off activating it, and it took about 6 weeks for them to actually give us access to the router they sent us. IT WAS SO STRESSFUL. And we were stuck in a house with no tv, no lounge, no internet, shit signal for our mobiles and just generally nothing at all to do.

But anyway, about two weeks ago the internet finally got activated and we are now fully connected to broadband! YAY! But at that point I was given four separate pieces of coursework to do which were all due in this week. So I'm sorry I didn't get on sooner but I'm sure you'll all understand given the circumstances!

But yeah, it hasn't been the best start to the year. And not just because of the internet issues...

There was a massive row within the house. There are 7 of us, a group of four (me and three friends) got the house and then a group of three filled in the spare three rooms. Anyway, one of the girls in that group was found out to be sleeping with one of the other girls' ex-fiancÚ, they were together for four years and shared a house last year. So that group broke apart and now they don't speak to each other. The same boyfriend-stealing girl had also been leading along Lee, one of the guys in my group, all summer. And so Lee doesn't speak to her either. Because of this we've had to search for yet another house to move into next year, but house hunting paid off and we've found a house that's really nice and I'm really excited to be moving into it next year :).

Also, one of my other friends that I met at uni last year got a boyfriend. And I decided from day one that I got a baaaaad vibe from him. I don't know what it was, I just didn't like him or trust him at all. But then I saw that he made her really happy so I decided that for her I'd give him a chance. GOD HOW WRONG I WAS TO DO THAT. I should have just listening to my instincts and stayed the hell away. It turned out that he admitted to her that he'd murdered two people and had tortured someone else by cutting his archilles tendon (meaning they couldn't ever walk again). So when I heard this I just decided I wasn't going to go round there. At this point he had practically been living at her house. And I was really angry at her, because she didn't bat an eyelid, she'd put herself, her 5 other housemates and all of her friends at risk by introducing him to them us. So yeah, then one night I was told that he was there but he was cooped up in her room so I decided to go round to see her (I hadn't seen her in about a month and I missed her :() but jeez, when I turned up I got told that he'd just got back to the house after kicking off with a friend on the phone, grabbing a massive knife from the kitchen and storming off into town. SO. That night he and my friend had a row, but kissed and made up. Now that was the final straw, her housemates were terrified! (AND RIGHTLY SO) so I told her that I was scared of him, and she was like "why are you scared of him?" and I just looked at her kind of dumbfounded like seriously don't you see what we see here?! He's a psychopath! Anyway, so they ended up breaking up but then we were worried that he'd come after us for kinda making her do it but he got caught by the police and taken in for questioning. Apparently he told them that he'd make all the murder stuff up to look big in front of us all. Now I don't know how much of that is true and how much is just bullshit made up for the police but if it's true then he's dangerous, if it isn't true then he's a fantasist and has got a screw loose, still.

But yeah so I was glad when all of that was over, and we haven't heard from him since.

There are, however, better things to be telling you about my uni start lol. I rejoined the Pole Dancing Society, now called Pole Fitness. I bought a pole off Ebay the other day and hopefully I'll be here soon! (It's kinda my Christmas present to myself :)!) I'm going on tour with the pole girls in Easter, we're going to Salou, Spain for four days and it's going to be amazinggg! I've had two pole lessons so far this year and last week I almost got upside down! I was so excited!!! However, I haven't got very many photos to upload for you since around Halloween time I went to the zoo and my camera died a slow and miserable death :(. BUT I'm getting a new camera for Christmas - YAY!

Oh, god, I've written loads.

Sorry for the essay, and the CAPS LOCK, and the very poor sentence structure but




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